Lemon Reduces Fever


Lemon water can treat a person who is suffering from cold, flu or fever. It helps to break fever by increasing perspiration.

8 Health benefits of Mango


Improves memory and concentration

Improves digestion

Cancer prevention

Improves vision

High in copper

Lowers cholesterol

Improves sex life

Alkalizes the body

Reduce wrinkles..!


A ripe papaya left on the skin for 30 minutes help tone up the skin considerably and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Making your skin soft and smooth


Banana, Yogurt and Honey Facial Mask
( making your skin soft and smooth )

Ingredients :

* 1/2 banana
* 2 tablespoons yogurt
* 1 tablespoon honey Instruction: Mash the banana with a fork then mix in honey and yogurt. Apply to your face evenly. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and get soft and smooth skin.

Health benefits of Parsley


Parsley is a popular herb rich in vitamins A and C. It also helps clear blemishes and maintain an even skin tone, while also cleansing the urinary tract, liver, and kidneys. Parsley has high levels of vitamin K, which can improve skin elasticity and speed up the wound-healing process.

Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

Lip Care Tips
Slice a red beetroot and store the pieces in your refrigerator. Simply massage your lips with a juicy piece in your leisure time. Sit with a beetroot slice in your hand whenever your watch television.This will do the trick! It will remove tan from the lips naturally and colors up your lip too. Pink lips are all yours in few days.

Natural beauty tips for glowing skin

Tips for glowing skin

Natural beauty tips for glowing skin

Tips for glowing skin

The main problem for skin is pollution and dust. Take a shower bath in the evening to remove the dusts which are accumulated in the skin pores.

Tension and restless are the two enemies for your skin. This cause wrinkles in your face, try yoga, pranayama exercise and meditation to avoid restlessness. Don’t drink coffee or tea much. Completely avoid alcoholic drinks.

Take care of choosing your soap. The soap should be a natural one with fewer chemicals. Check the percentage of total fat matter (TFM) in your soap wrapper. The TFM 60% and more are good quality soaps. This can destroy the skin microbes and give protection to your skin. This is one of the best natural beauty tips for glowing skin.

The Diet what you are following is highly related to your skin complexion. You should add fat rich food to get beautiful glowing skin. Avoiding fat rich food in your daily diet gives the result of pale skin and dry skin without moisture. Add an egg and fish in your regular diet. Nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables with more fibre are very healthy food for your skin.

Maintain your body glucose level constant. Increased blood sugar reduces your skin shine and glow. Hyperglycemia is also a reason for your face wrinkles. Avoid eating junk and fast food. Always prefer protein rich diet for beautiful skin.

The complexion of your skin changes in the outer open surfaces which are directly exposed to sunlight. This can be avoided by using the face cream with rich anti-oxidant. These types of creams protect your skin from skin darkening due to sunlight.

Drink plenty of water and give more moisture to your skin. The habit of drinking alcohol and drugs can affect your blood vessels and the natural anti-oxidant Vitamin-A is observed from the skin. These habits results in skin wrinkles and aged look. Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin help you to get your skin glowing.

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Tips2stayhealthy by preserving a healthy mind

Beautiful Young Woman Relaxing outdoors. Nature

Preserving a healthy mind


For moral boosting and mental health and to prevent depression get some sun. Sunlight can lift one’s spirit.


Regular exercise can help you cut back those unwanted stress in your life. A chemical named endrophin gets released in the brain that keeps us energetic. So do regular exercise.

Engage your senses:

Make your five senses sight, smell, touch, sound and taste engaged daily by an activity. This will help you to focus on the present and helps you to live in the moment.

Little free time:

Use your little free time for meditation,relaxation exercise or prayers. Make sure you have some time for these activities even at your busy schedule.

Cut Late Night TV:

Watching TV and working on computer late night can cause depressive symptoms. So do cut these late night activities that will wake you up fresh and earlier in the next day.

Eating healthy:

Following a diet plan will give you a sense of self-improvement and boost your sense of accomplishment Give some time for learning healthy eating habits.

Sleep well:

Best way to recharge your body is by getting enough sleep at night. Sleeping helps your boost your mental health and physical fitness. Make sure you have enough time to rest.

Is It Okay to Drink Water Before Bed?

When a person is in good health i.e. without any heart or kidney ailment and do not have any problem waking up in the middle of the night to empty their bladder, they can be fine with drinking water before bed.

Drinking water before bed is not a good idea for people suffering from kidney or heart ailments. This is because the excess water intake will put additional pressure on the kidney, which are already weakened and are not efficient in fluid removal from the body.<

Top 10 health benefits of a good night’s sleep

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Sleep keeps your heart healthy

Sleep makes you more alert

Sleep may prevent cancer

Sleep blosters your memory

Sleep reduces stress

Sleep may help you lose weight

Sleep reduces inflammation

Sleep makes you smarter

Sleep helps the body make repairs

Sleep may reduce your risk for depression

Why we should avoid Yogurt an Empty stomach !


This is because Yogurt contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria. When we eat an empty stomach, lactic acid bacteria are easy to die in a large number while being in the stomach with higher acidity, thus losing part of the health effects.

After we eat large quantities of food, the acidity of stomach decreases, so the lactic acid bacteria can play a better role..!

Be sure to eat yogurt after a meal or if you have little to do with a full stomach..!

How to Prevent Muscle Cramps

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Prepare the muscles of our body doing a good warming before starting the exercise, and perform stretching exercises at the end, will help prevent muscle cramps or spasms.

Increase our exercise intensity progressively and gradually.

It is also essential not to exercise the body to reach a state of maximum exhaustion.

Avoid physical activity when temperatures are extremely high or low.