Important Diet to Treat Arthritis (Knees Problem)

Important Diet to Treat Arthritis

Important Diet to Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder that involves pain and inflammation of joints. There are many forms of arthritis; the most common being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. But unlike many health related conditions, arthritis does not have any special diet or food that can cure it. Keeping a close watch on what one eats, like excluding some types of food and including anti-inflammatory foods can essentially help in relieving the symptoms and associated pain.

Vitamins and minerals: It is important to maintain an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals for healthy bones. Calcium is important to avoid osteoporosis and the presence of Vitamin D improves its absorption in our body.

Cherry juice: Cherry juice has high levels of anthocyanin, which help in reducing the joint inflammation. Intake of 10 ounces of cherry juice twice a day has been found to be significantly helpful.

Ginger: ginger has many health benefits and that include strong anti-inflammatory properties which has a soothing effect on arthritis pain.

Extra virgin olive oil: Olive oil contains a substance called oleocanthal, which restricts the activity of inflammation causing enzymes. Add a tablespoon full to salads and other preparations to get the benefit.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals that are produced in response to internal inflammation. This property makes the antioxidants an essential part of anti-inflammatory diet. Vitamin C, selenium, carotenes and bioflavonoids are effective antioxidants. Including sweet pepper, lemon, tomatoes, green and red vegetables in the daily diet ensures good antioxidant supply.

Omega 3 fatty acids: Numerous clinical trials have established the anti-inflammatory property of omega 3 fatty acids. Including fish and fish liver oil in the diet can help in reducing arthritis pain by suppressing the cytokines and reducing the activity of cartilage eroding enzymes.


Reasons to eat healthy watermelons

eat healthy watermelons

Eat healthy watermelons

Watermelon is a very popular fruit found in many places in India and is effective specially in beating the summer heat. Botanically, they are called citrus lanatus and belong to the curcurbitaceae family. Cucumbers and pumpkin – two other very healthy foods are cousins of watermelon.

Rich in flavonoids like lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin, watermelon protects your cells from free radical damage and reduces your chances of getting cancer.

Watermelon contains Vitamin B6,B1,C along with manganese that helps in boosting your immunity. A strong immune system will prevent you from falling sick due to infections.

Watermelon is 91% water, and contains as little as 30 calories for a 100g serving. This makes it great for someone who wants to lose weight.

Watermelon is rich in water and minerals that makes it good for your kidneys as it promotes the production of urine. Additionally, it also helps your liver process ammonia making it easier for your kidneys to get rid of excess fluids

Watermelon is a rich source of beta-carotene, which gets converted into Vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that keeps your vision healthy, and prevents diseases like age-related macular degeneration and night blindness.

Source: thehealthsite

Few Tips on How to Control Anger for a peaceful life!


Control the food that makes you agitated and angry as food plays a vital role in anger management.

Sleeping for at-least 6-8 hours a day can make you experience the power of rest and control over that unwanted anger.

Calm your mind with the power of yoga and control your mind from anger.

Taking a few deep breaths in and out will instantly help you drop anger.

Sesame Helps Improve Cholesterol

sesame-seeds (1)

Sesame or til seeds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help lower the bad cholesterol as well as increase the good cholesterol levels.Supplementation can be in the form of sesame seeds or sesame oil in cooking.

Watermelons, fruit Rich in electrolytes and water content


Watermelons,  fruit Rich in electrolytes and water content

Watermelons, Indian fruit Rich in electrolytes and water content, melons are nature’s gift to beat tropical summer thirst. Watermelon fruit is a good source of potassium; Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure; it thus offers protection against stroke and coronary heart diseases.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to high blood pressure

A sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle has coined a new term for us – Lifestyle diseases. These diseases are those that can easily be managed by a slight tweak in the way we lead our lives. Certain dietary additions and deductions can help you manage a case of hypertension. You may be going low on salt and doing power walks but there are many unknown and effective ways you can fight hypertension.

Regular annual health checkups required!

Heart Health Symptoms
Regular annual or bi-annual health checkups should be part of every one’s check list after a certain age. For women, there are some health exams that must be part of their to-do lists because there are certain ailments and physical problems which women are more susceptible to.

If you store rice and other grains in plastic bags..!

Woman's hand picking uncooked rice in a small  burlap sack.

If you store rice and other grains in plastic bags, be wary of meal worms. These can be perfectly fine ways of storing rice, but small holes can allow meal worms and moths to breed, ruining large amounts of food. It’s always best to keep them in tightly sealed jar

How High Cholesterol Level Alerts Us!

How a high cholesterol level alerts a person

High Cholesterol Level Alerts Us!

A high cholesterol level alerts a person to get cautious about his cholesterol status. When further testing is done, a physician would be able to judge if the patient needs prescription medicines to help lower his cholesterol or if lifestyle modifications would suffice. In addition, the detailed study would help the doctor in identifying the specific group of cholesterol-lowering drugs that would be helpful to the patient.

Store fresh bread in paper bags


Store fresh bread in paper bags on the counter. If you’ve purchased some freshly baked, crusty bread, keep it in a paper bag out on the counter to keep it as fresh as possible. Bread on the counter, properly stored, should be good for 3-5 days, which extends to 7-14 days in the refrigerator.

How To Prevent Ourselves From Improper Hygiene

How To Prevent Ourselves From Improper Hygiene

How To Prevent Ourselves From Improper Hygiene

You should bath daily it looks you fresh.

You should Brush your teeth at least twice daily.

You should Keep your home clean and free of dust and clutter.

You should Keep fingernails clean and avoid wearing nail polish.

Please Avoid touching your face, nose or mouth while preparing food.

You should Change your towels, pillow covers & bed covers regularly.

You should avoid sharing personal things like soap, towel, handkerchief.

Keep your food covered.

Carry your own drinking water.

Mistakes You are Making in the Shower


Wash your hair without combing it first
Brush your teeth while showering
Shave your legs first
Wash your hair every day
Shower in hot water
Too rough with the towel
Exfoliate every day
Not replacing your washcloths