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Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy


Yoga during pregnancy helps one reduce labor pain and other aches. It makes pregnant women stronger and adaptable to new conditions. Yoga also helps one to avoid gaining those extra kilos after delivery

Babies know their mother’s voice before they are even born!

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Babies know their mother’s voice before they are even born. A 2003 study published in the journal Psychological Science shows that the foetal heart races faster when listening to a recorded poem read by its own mother compared to when the poem was recited by a stranger. The study was conducted during the third trimester, when the babies were almost ready to be born.

Common Things that cause Trapezius RSI (repetitive stress injury)


Stress: Relaxing ones shoulders is very important. One of the most common causes of trapezius strain is carrying your shoulders half shrugged.

Poor posture: Often people who are worried or stressed about something unconsciously assume a more stooped and bent forward posture. Remember to sit up straight, lower your shoulders and bring your head back. This relieves strain on the trapezius.

Carrying a backpack or handbag: We all have a tendency to carry lots of stuff on us as we travel from chore to chore. When packing your back for the day, be brutal in NOT putting in things that you do not need. When wearing a backpack, use both straps and divide the weight between both sides and when carrying a bag, switch sides often.

Bra straps: Bras that are too tight or the weight of heavy breasts pulling on your straps can cause trapezius pain. Have your bra fit by a trained person to get a good fit.

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding your baby with your shoulders hunched forward can cause trapezius RSI(repetitive stress injury). Check your posture and bring your shoulders back. Breast feeding while side-lying helps immensely.

Look at your posture throughout the day. Any position where you hold your head turned to one side for a long time is dangerous.

Bending forward while at work: Ergonomics are the key here. Adjust your workspace accordingly so you can see your screen at eye level and make sure you are not hunching over at your desk. Remember to take frequent breaks when you can, to stretch and loosen up your muscles.

Reuse Coffee Grounds as Household Cleanser

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Instead of using a powdered soap to clean your kitchen tiles and counter tops, sprinkle used (or fresh) coffee grounds on the tiles and scrub it using a sponge or cloth. Just be gentle when scrubbing so it won’t leave scratch marks on surfaces that are sensitive

Balance your skin for a glowing soft skin


The First thing in the morning take a glass of warm water, add a little honey to it. Honey is said to have antiseptic properties. It is good and can be used in face masks as well, to balance your skin and give you a glowing soft skin.

Chana dal Helps In Losing Weight


Chana dal is loaded with fibre, this is an effective natural aid for weight loss. These fibres keep you full for longer, thus controlling your appetite. Chana dal is a rich source of protein, so it helps vegetarians looking for proper weight management.

Amla juice is much effective for pregnant women


The Indian gooseberry is one of the best foods that reduces body heat during pregnancy. But, one should not consume too much of it, as it has a high source of vitamin C that increases the chances of a pre-term birth. However, amla juice is much effective for pregnant women.

Wheat Grass powder reduces weight


Wheat Grass Powder contains 2 grams of proteins per 1.25 tablespoon. Wheat grass powder is rich in proteins, folic acid, iodine, vitamins A and K and many other nutrients. Just one tablespoon of it can do wonders in losing weight and increasing your body metabolism.

Tips to strengthen your hair

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If you want to add shine and lustre to your dull, dry hair, apply almond oil. The properties of this oil help in nourishing your hair and also smoothes down cuticles to make it look healthy.

Cat and Cow stretch

cat and cow

Come on your knees and hands. Hands perfectly straight under shoulder and thighs underneath the hips. Keep the spine straight from neck to tail bone. Tuck the toes, inhale, and lift the head up making a curve in spine. Exhale drop your head, round your back and suck your belly in. Practice 5 – 10 rounds concentrating on your breath. This sequence of cat and cow stretch makes the spinal and abdominal muscles strong and flexible and improves the circulation of blood and oxygen.

Get More Protein to keep flu away


Protein is one of the key building blocks for antibodies that help resist infection. Raise your intake of protein during seasons where you are prone to the ‘flu’. For vegetarians, good protein sources include dal, soyabean, quinoa and tofu, and non vegetarians can incorporate more eggs, fish, chicken, seafood and lean white meats in their diet.

Home Remedies for Neck Whitening..!


Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of cucumber juice, and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply this mixture darkened area of your neck and leave it for 20 minutes to dry and then wash it off.Do it regularly and see the difference after 2 weeks