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Health Benefits of Brown Rice


Maintains a healthy nervous system
High in selenium
High in manganese
Reduce cancer risk
Lowers cholesterol
High in fiber
Burns Fat
Satisfies Appetite

Successful People Never Care About What People Think About Them


Successful people ignore the pessimists. Successful people do their work with perfection and try to avoid taunts. Successful people let them come near who are going to make better in life.

To Improve ‘Personality’ Be a Better Listener


It’s very important to listen what people are sharing with you. People like them who are attentive. It is another way to observe people closely. Learn to establish good eye contact with anyone speaking to you and thus people will be more interested to talk to you. It will help you in knowing a better deal about people and attending them in a better way.

Greek yogurt for skin this summer


Thick Greek yogurt is known as an all-round beauty enhancer that leaves the skin blemish free. Full of protein, calcium and vitamin B-12, which loosens dead skin cells and removes pigmentation, it also has a high probiotic content that battles skin infections, leaving it moisturised. The dairy staple also lightens suntan. Apply it chilled on the skin this summer.



Stand in Tadasana pose, stretch your palms straight over your head. Join the palms, exhaling bend your knees and lower your trunk till your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor.
Benefits: Tones the legs, abdominal organs as well as the back.

Relaxing Exercise for Your Eyes – Up and Down Eye Movement

Up and Down Eye Movement

Up and Down Eye Movement

Sit up straight and look ahead. Then look up and focus on what you see. Look down. Don’t be afraid to wrinkle your forehead or frown. Look up and down five times. Repeat the entire cycle three times