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Sour taste of lemon is due to



Lemon is a yellow fruit whose pulp, juice, peel and even its zest can be exclusively used in food further the sour taste of lemon is due to the presence of 5 % to 6% of citric acid in lemon juice. This distinctive taste of lemon juice also makes it one of the important ingredients either when it is used in drinks or even food like cocktails, lemonade and soft drinks.

Lemon juice also can be made into a preservative for certain foods which oxidize and turn brown after they are sliced like apples, bananas and avocados, it is the presence of acids which denatures the enzymes which result in browning and degradation of foods.

Great source of Vitamins and Minerals

It is known that this yellow fruit is richer source of Vitamin C which is known to be anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and also helps in developing immune system, Vitamin B which is for production of energy, Riboflavin helps in growth, repair and development of tissue along with minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous which help in adding strength to bones and teeth.

Black Eyed Peas prevent vision loss


While you might not be very familiar with this legume, it certainly contains valuable nutrients for the eye.

•    It contains the important nutrient zinc
•    Zinc is a mineral that is required in the retina as well as for the maintenance of the blood vessels which serve the eyeball
•    Zinc obtained from black eyed peas can help to prevent vision loss as well as cataract formation

Lemon water Helps in weight loss

weight loss

Too many toxins and waste products in liver will have effect on the body metabolism which in turn increases body fat. Lemon water is known to help liver in removal of all the waste products also increasing the body fat however lemon has to be supported by proper diet and physical activity.

Caffeine is known to boost the production of tears


Now you can feel less guilty about consuming tea and coffee several times in a day.

•    It is known that coffee and tea can help to reduce the dryness of eyes
•    Caffeine is known to boost the production of tears
In such ways the symptoms of dry eyes is eliminated by the consumption of caffeine. However one needs to moderate their intake of caffeine on a daily basis as other side effects might come forth.



Crunches are great for strengthening and toning the core muscles, specially the abdomen. This age-old trick for flattening the tummy is also great for burning the calories. Also, it is an ideal exercise as it engages all core muscle groups of the body. Show Thumbnail



This muscle-building exercise activates nearly every muscle in your body. This exercise primarily targets the pectoral muscles, triceps and biceps. While doing push-ups nearly every muscle in your body gets involved in the movement.