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Health Benefits of Spinach

– Low calorie food with rich source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients & dietary food
– Loaded with antioxidants
– Heart healthy food
– Rich source of Vitamin A. Protects against eye diseases.

Prolonged Use Of Sanitary Napkins Can Put You To Risk Of Cancer

Ultra napkins that convert liquid into gel are exclusively marketed asking the consumers to use a single pad the whole day. Doing this gives an open invitation to cancer in the bladder & uterus.Pads that advertise to neutralise period smell and come with artificial fragrances are actually infused with artificial additives and chemicals like polyethylene (PET), polypropylene and propylene glycol (PEG). These chemicals have been linked to dryness, infertility, cancer and hormone disruption.

The First Signs Of Labour Approaching

pregnancy prob

* The Water Breaking: If your water does break, you’re likely to feel a small leak, not a big gush. This is because your baby’s head prevents too much fluid from leaking out!
* Diarrhea Problems: During the early part of labour, your body begins to release prostaglandins. This release of prostaglandins also hyperstimulate the bowels, which causes the pregnant mother to pass frequent stools and in severe cases it leads to Diarrhea.
* Ache In The Back: For some women, back ache is a constant problem during pregnancy. However, When the pain becomes too harsh it is a sign of you experiencing back labour.

Oranges improve Digestive capacity


Oranges are not only rich in vitamin C, but are also a good source of dietary fibre. The whole fruit is the best way to get the daily dose of fibre that is required for the body. So, chew on that healthy orange fruit each day to improve on your digestive capacity.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Grapes


* Grapes ensure a healthy digestion process and assist in overcoming the constipation effects on the body. They have a laxative effect and thus promote digestion.
* Grapes play a crucial role in preventing kidney disorders by reducing the effect of uric acid. They also encourage the system to clean up toxins easily from the system.
* The vitamins and minerals present in grapes boost one’s immune system. A great source of vitamin C present in grapes helps to combat minor ailments like cold and flu.

Are you feeling tired all day ?

iron rich food

Iron deficiency not only makes you feel tired but also irritable. And the reason remains the same – less iron in the body means less oxygen travels to your muscles and cells. Less iron intake could also lead to anemia. The good part is that you find iron in a host of foods – kidney beans, eggs, green vegetables, nuts and tofu.

Health Benefits of Curd


– Fulfills Calcium and Vitamin D requirement of body.
– Make bone and teeth strong
– Maintains blood pressure
– Keeps digestive system healthy
– Lowers blood cholesterol level

Skip morning coffee

lemon and honey

Too much caffeine floods your body with the stress hormone cortisol. This can lead to sugar cravings later on. Stick to one or two coffees. Better still, green tea increases metabolism and is full of antioxidants.Lemon water with honey is a better substitute.

Saffron increase the libido

saffron -

Saffron heals aches and pain in your body. It thus makes your body more sensitive to feelings and touch. This helps men both men and women increase their libido.

Onions for strong erection

onion health

Onions are basically called heart healthy because they thin the blood. When your blood becomes thinner, its volume increases. Increase blood volume can help you get a strong erection that lasts for a long time.

Basic tips to protect yourself from cell phone radiation


– Hold the phone away from the ear while talking, and switch between the ears for longer conversations.
– Make sure to keep the volume low or use the phone on speaker mode.
– Carry the phone away from the body.
– Text more than talking whenever possible.
– Get your ears cleaned regularly by a doctor.
– Find a stronger signal area when talking and stay put while talking.
– Wait till a call connects before putting it to your ear.
– Avoid conversations longer than 10 minutes and do not talk for more than 60 minutes in one day.

Eating quickly is bad

eating chicken

Eating quickly can be detrimental to our health for a variety of reasons.It’s important that we sit up straight while eating, rather than being hunched over our desk, and it’s also important to eat slowly. Sitting up straight improves your digestion, which reduces bloating and discomfort.