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How to get a sparkling clean floor


Sweep and mop the floors. One of the best ways to get a floor really clean is to resort to a good old pocha – use a rag or towel while on your hands and knees and scrub away. If this is not an option try going barefoot and scooting a large towel around the floor with your feet. It provides more contact and pressure with the floor than a mop does and gives you a sparkling clean floor.

Facts To Know About Washing Vegetables

washing veg

Some people wash all the fruits and veggies as soon as they come home from the store. But this doesn’t help as you need to wash them just before using them. All food items will gather bacteria when they are in the shelf.Most of us take organic products for granted but it is important to wash even organic vegetables before using. This is because they too may gather bacteria while they wait for you in the vegetable store

Ayurveda – health tips for this summer seasons


This is the season in which the weather will be very hot due to the hot sun. Because of this hot sun man gets tired very fast. To overcome this tiredness some food habits help a lot. Mainly sweet, cool and easily digestible food is to be taken. More and more liquids are to be taken, Applying sandal to the body and moving in gardens, and getting relaxed in cool breezes, sleeping in moon light in nights wearing light and white colored clothes are advisable. Ayurveda has told the “pitta dosha samana prakriyas” long back. If we observe carefully all these prakriyas prevent sunstroke and dehydration.

Avoid hanging Woolens


Woolens should never be hung up on a clothes line like other articles as this causes the fabric to stretch and it may lose its shape eventually. Lay the sweater or cardigan on a flat surface and allow it to dry at room temperature. Steer clear of sunlight and intense heat as these can sap all colour and life from your precious woolens.

How To Naturally Keep Roaches Away


Peppermint oil and cypress oil are the most popular oils that can be used as cockroach repellents.Mix 8 drops of cypress oil in half a cup of water and add about 10 drops of peppermint oil to this mixture.Mix the oils well in water and spray this mixture in any nook and corner where you find a lot of roaches.These oils will help in preventing the roaches from entering your home and also give out a pleasant smell.

How to remove the stain from the inside base of the cooker?


While you keep the cooker on the stove to cook rice or any other item, what you need to do is to add two pieces of lemon or tamarind inside the cooker with some amount of water. You will see that after three whistles, the cooker does not turn black or brown in colour. This is one of the best and a very simple useful daily hack that you can try.

How to clean a Refrigerator

clean fridge

Take out the refrigerator shelves and drawers. Wash them down, being careful with glass shelves. Pull out and vacuum the coils of your UNPLUGGED and empty refrigerator. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with three tablespoons of baking soda in some warm water, or with a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner. This is a great time to sweep and mop underneath it too if you can find some help to move it around. Wipe down the entire inside and outside of the fridge before replacing shelves and food.

Neem oil to ward off Mosquitoes

Rub some neem oil mixed with equal quantity of coconut oil to ward off mosquitoes for eight hours.

Black tea for Rusty Tools


Brew some black tea and let it cool down. Then immerse the rusty tools for a few hours in the tea and wipe them with a cloth later

Wooden furniture care

wooden furniture

Protect the wood from water and other liquids, such as alcohol, food or cosmetics. If water or other liquids are allowed to settle on a wood surface for more than a few minutes, they seep through the pores in the varnish coating, into the wood, staining it.

-Keep the varnished wood free of dust and dirt, as it can make the surface grimy. Using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can do the job. A dry, soft, lint free cloth can also help remove dust and smudges and will also give the surface a soft shine. Lightly soiled varnished surfaces can be cleaned by using teak oil.

Great indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide..!


Spider Plant Great indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldehyde from the air.

Ginger peeling easy tips

peel ginger

When you want to peel the skin of the ginger, never use a knife, by doing so, half the layer of the ginger can be removed. So, always use a steel spoon to peel the skin of the ginger.