Home remedies to cure nasal polyps


Saline water

Salt is the wonderful ingredient which is used by many individual in curing nasal polyps. Make a solution with salt and water and apply slowly in the areas where you have a problem of nasal polyp’s infection. This will help reducing inflammation and blockage. This will provide wonderful benefit to inflamed area and blockages.


You can also consume fresh dandelion everyday in order to prevent nasal polyps. Since this is really rich in vitamin C, it helps in reducing the mucus. Other nutrient present is effective in shrinkage of nasal polyps and unblocks the airways.


Turmeric is regarded as a natural product or herb that is having really good antiseptic properties. It is having great capacity of healing and curing variety of diseases. Due to its anti inflammatory properties which are capable of fighting against variety of diseases, turmeric is regarded as a wonderful mechanism of curing the nasal polyps. Due to its natural decongestant properties, it works as a wonder.

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