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Tips on Nail Care

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Eat foods that are beneficial to your nails .Foods that are rich in calcium will keep your nails smooth and healthy.If you notice cracks in your skin or on your palms or in between your fingers regularly apply petroleum jelly or a cream . Always wear gloves while doing the dishes. This will ensure that your nails don’t get brittle.Don’t apply nail polish all the time,your nails also needs to breathe. Too much of nail polish remover can also make your nails turn yellow and dry them out.While applying sunscreen on your body, don’t miss your nails and hands .They require sun protection as well.

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Sandal wood powder beauty benefits


Sandalwood powder is one of the most effective one among the 10 ways to remove neck scars overnight. It helps to repair the damaged tissues quickly. Mix some rose water with some sandalwood powder and apply it on to your neck scars, leave it overnight and rinse it the next morning with normal water.

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Milk softens Skin

face milk

Rinsing your face with cold milk everyday helps in making your skin baby soft. The calcium present in the milk gets rid of the dead cells, decreases those lines of ageing and well, helps to lessen the onset of pimples too.

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Cucumber Treats Sunburn

cucumber for eyes

Cucumber is one of the best ingredients that treats sunburn. It soothes the skin and speeds up the healing process. It calms the skin of any redness or irritation too. Place cucumber slices on the affected area and remove it after sometime.

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Fenugreek Removes Sun Tan


Fenugreek also helps to lighten the sun tanned skin. Boil half a cup of fenugreek seeds in water. Let the water cool down. Store it in a refrigerator. Use this water to get rid of the suntan. Apply and massage it on the face and arms every night before going to bed and rinse it off the next morning.

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