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Remedies for Dark Circles


* Just massage gently around the eyes with few drops of almond oil for a minute. Wipe it off with cotton after 15 minutes.
* Mix cucumber juice and potato juice, apply it on the dark circles and wash it off after 20 minutes..!

Tomato and Mint Paste works for dark circle !


Tomato which is the main beauty product found in kitchen works for dark circle also. Mint is mainly used in reduction of black spots in skin helps in reducing the dark circle because dark circle is also caused doe to pigmentation. 

Take 1 tomato and grind it in mixer grinder with few mint leaves and use that paste to apply around the eyes. Allow the paste to dry for about 30 to 45 minutes. Usage of paste in regular basis gives good results in reduction of dark circle.

Watermelon pulp treats dark circles

dark circle

You can rinse your face with watermelon pulp or you can apply a thick paste on your face. Both of these treatments work well on the skin and help to even out the skin tone automatically. This is the perfect remedy to get rid of dark circles.