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Reasons Why Iron And Folic Acid Are Important


* Helps During Pregnancy : Folic acid and iron-rich foods are a must in pregnancy. It is important for the health of the foetus. Folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects and iron prevents the risk of anaemia in the foetus.
* Helps During Menstruation: Deficiency of iron and folic acid could lead to fatigue and exhaustion during this period. Taking foods rich in iron and folic acid helps to improve this condition.
* Keeps Heart Healthy: Folic acid lowers the level of homocysteine in the body and, thus, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Intake of folic acid in pregnancy reduces the risk of heart diseases.
* Keeps The Brain Healthy Iron and folic acid-rich foods have the potential to prevent depression, Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive issues.

Wheat Grass powder reduces weight


Wheat Grass Powder contains 2 grams of proteins per 1.25 tablespoon. Wheat grass powder is rich in proteins, folic acid, iodine, vitamins A and K and many other nutrients. Just one tablespoon of it can do wonders in losing weight and increasing your body metabolism.

Foods containing Folic acid


Foods containing folic acid are important both before and during pregnancy. It increases fertility and prepares the female body for pregnancy. Foods containing folic acid are broccoli, beets, asparagus, spinach, etc.

Folic acid has many essential roles to play at the cellular level

folic acid

Folic acid has many essential roles to play at the cellular level. It is involved in nucleotide biosynthesis and DNA synthesis. It also helps prevent anemia by supporting blood cell generation and plays a vital role in the prevention of fetal deformities, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis related bone fractures and several cancers.

The daily folate requirement of an adult is 400 micrograms per day. For women, it increases to 600 micrograms per day during pregnancy. It cannot be stored in the body as its soluble in water. Therefore, it is important to include folate rich food in the diet to meet its RDA (recommended dietary allowances).

Health benefit of beetroot


Cholesterol Lowering: Beet fiber has been shown to have cholesterol lowering capabilities.

Drinking beetroot juice boosts your stamina and could help you exercise for up to 16% longer.

An excellent source of folic acid.

They are a very good source of fiber, manganese and potassium.

Beet greens and beetroot are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron and vitamin B6.