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How to Handle Dandruff with Neem Leaves

  • Take six-10 neem leaves, half a cup curd and 2-three tablespoons fenugreek seeds. Soak the seeds overnight and make into a paste, incorporating the neem leaves and curd. Squeeze 50 % a lemon into the paste.
    Prior to utilizing this mixture on your hair, massage oil into your scalp. Use any oil that you are cozy with, implement the paste and depart in for at least fifty percent an hour. Clean your hair as usual. This therapy can be accomplished twice a week to supply powerful reduction from dandruff.
  • Boil a handful of neem leaves in four cups of water.Cool and strain the solution.Use this decoction as a hair rinse twice or three times a week.
  • Get one particular cup of coconut oil, boil neem leaves in it and strain the oil. Incorporate the juice of one lemon and a quarter cup of casor oil. Keep the mixture in a bottle and use frequently to massage into the hair and scalp.Enable the oil stay in your hair for at minimum 50 percent an hour just before washing your hair. It will help in lowering dandruff additionally, hold your hair wholesome.

Coconut milk nourishes your hair making it soft and silky

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk nourishes your hair making it soft and silky.It also helps to prevent the damage in the hair.It also prevents the hair dryness in turn prevents the split ends.

Prepare the coconut milk by adding few amount of water by grinding in the mixer grinder.

Now apply this coconut milk in the scalp as well as in the hair from root of the hair ill the root tip.

Leave it for more than 1 hour and take bath with cold water.

Do this regularly whenever you take hair bath and you wont even face the split end problem.

Hair Beauty tips Using Potato


Potatoes have been a basic part of everyone’s eating methodology. These are a standout amongst the most broadly utilized vegetables that are found within very nearly every kitchen around the world. Considering the way that potatoes are the fourth biggest nourishment trims after rice, wheat and maize, they structure a vital piece of the world’s food.

Does anybody know, potato is used for beauty tips? But it’s true. You can use potato as beauty ingredient. Let’s talk about it how you could use it hair beauty tips.

Some hair beauty tips of potato
1 – Take one potato, grates it, squeeze the water, keep it in a bowl, add one egg, curd, mix them well. Make a fine pack. Apply that on root of the hair and whole hair. Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water, wash with normal shampoo. Do it once in 20 days for best result. This pack gives healthy and shiny hair.
2 – Peel to potato. Boil enough water in a pan and add potato peeling. Boil it for 20 minutes. Then strain the water in a glass or any container. Wash your hair in normal shampoo, rinse hair with that water. It helps to give natural black colour to your hair. Do it every alternate hair wash. It’s a good and natural treatment for grey hair.
3 – Are you suffering from hair loss problem? I have a homemade beauty recipe for solving your problem. Take 3 tsp of potato juice,3 tsp of aloe vera juice and 2 1 tsp of honey. Apply that mixture root of the hair.Leave it for 2 hrs.Wash of with your regular shampoo. For best result, do it twice in a week.

Good personal hygiene tips


Personal hygiene is not only about vanity. Staying clean and hygienic helps avoid different diseases by reducing the chances of you being caught by them. Besides the health issues, good hygiene is considered to indicate your class and sometimes even intelligence. Poor hygiene practices are taken as a symptom of emotional problems or mental illness.

Bathe daily
Keep your hair clean
Keep your teeth clean
Wash hands frequently
Ensure wearing clean clothes

Milk mask for Perfect Hair Straightening – Home remedy

straight hair

Most of us long to have smooth, shiny, and straight hair. Straight strands are in trend, these days. Natural remedies cause no damage to your hair.

Fill some amount of milk in a spray bottle. Comb hair after shampoo. Spray milk on your hair and rinse after 30 minutes. Spray your favourite perfume on the comb and then, comb your wet hair with this. This will vanish the smell of milk, but do not use too much perfume as it contains alcohol, which will dry your strands.