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Ashwagandha for infertility problems


This commonly found Indian herb, also popularly known in English as Winter Cherry or Indian ginseng has excellent properties that can cure infertility in both men and women. It helps in normalizing the endocrine system and also boosts its functioning, apart from improving the immunity of the body

Good Bacteria’s are available in Yogurt

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There’s such a thing as “good” bacteria and your yogurt has an abundance of it. Additionally, yogurt with active cultures helps with gastrointestinal conditions to include constipation, diarrhoea, lactose intolerance, colon cancer and bowel disease as well as in the prevention of osteoporosis and regulating blood pressure.

Cucumber to eliminate Root Canal Pain


The cooling effect of the cucumber successfully reduces the sharp shooting pain and sensitivity created due to the root canal inflammation, as it comes with anti-inflammatory properties. Just place a slightly cold piece of cucumber on the affected area and leave it on until you experience some relief.

Home remedies to cure Diabetes


Jamun seeds are very helpful in controlling sugar and help to ease from Diabetic symptoms. Chewing of Jamun leaves are also suggested to Diabetic patients.

Home Remedies to cure Constipation


Put a teaspoon of ghee in a glassful of warm milk. Drink it when going to bed. It is very helpful in relieving from constipation.

Green Peas for Weight Loss


This vegetable is low on fat content but packed with fibre and protein. Just add some seasoning to a cup of boiled peas and eat them as mid-day snacks.

How to treat Split ends?


Honey and yoghurt can be used to combat split ends. Honey deeply conditions the hair and yoghurt hydrates the hair, thereby preventing split ends. Mix honey with some yoghurt and apply it on to the scalp and rinse to notice the difference.

Ever healthy food Eggs


With their rich protein, vitamin and mineral content, eggs contribute significantly to improving your concentration, maintaining healthy weight, developing the brain, strengthening eyesight, clotting the blood as well as preventing both birth defects and breast cancer

Watermelon makes your erections harder


Watermelon It makes your erections harder, as it is rich in an amino acid called L-citrulline. This amino acid increases blood flow to the penis by producing nitric oxide in the body. Water melon is one of the best foods for your penis.

Cinnamon treats Diabetes

cinnamon for sugar
Cinnamon is a proven cure for type 2 diabetes. It also has the ability to stabilise blood sugar level and reduce the insulin resistance.Mix cinnamon with milkshakes or yogurt, bake them into cakes and muffins or just sprinkle them over your cup of chai. Since it pretty much has no calories, you don’t have to worry about piling on kilos.

Pepper corns to get rid of Fever


In a small bowl, add a few pepper corns and one tablespoon of sugar. Add water to the mixture and consume it. This effective remedy will help to get rid of fever.

Health Benefits Of Centella (Vallarai)


Vallarai heal skin diseases
Cures night blindness
Helps Healing leprosy and sexually transmitted disease
Helps to improve the memory power
Has antiaging properties